Saturday, June 13, 2015

Total War Attila - Benchmark (13.06.15)

Since The Last Roman Campaign Pack will also comes with patches for Attila I have decided to do some benchmarks first now. While I have not read yet whether there will be some optimization that will come with the patch, at least I can have a better comparison in about two weeks time. The game was announced to also support the next gen hardware though it does not says very clear whether they are just for the GPU and/or CPU too. No news either whether Attila (and Rome II) will be updated to take advantage of DirectX 12 that will come with Windows 10.

Like Rome II benchmark last time, I did two sets of benchmarking. First I use the game build in recommended setting and another using AMD Gaming Evolve optimize settings.

The game's own recommended settings sets me to Quality settings with Large Unit Size. While the game play is basically smooth with less stuttering I can only get an average of 25 fps which is a bit lower that the acceptable 30 fps. See below the screenshots for both graphic options setting and the game's own benchmarking result.

Game Recommended Settings
Min:13 Avg: 24.7 Max: 33
When using AMD Gaming Evolve software, the optimized settings is quite different from the game's build in recommended settings. As you can see the changes are quite varied, with some settings were increased while some were reduced.

While both settings turned off the Anti-Aliasing, AMD's setting increased Texture Resolution from Large to Ultra and Texture Filtering from Trilinear to Anisotropic 8x. Shadow has been reduced from Quality to Performance though Water and Sky again sees an increment from Quality to Max Quality. 

No changes in Depth of Field (both option turned off) but Particle Effects has been reduced two whole steps from Quality to Max Performance. Space Screen Reflections has been turned Off from Quality and Grass has been reduced to two steps down from Quality for Max Performance. Trees however sees and increment from Quality to Max Quality 

Terrain and Unit Details sees two steps decrement to Max Performance while Building Details sees an increased to Max Performance. Unit Size thankfully got an upgrade to Ultra (I can never play settings below Ultra). AMD's settings also enabled Unlimited Video Memory and SSAO.

AMD Recommended Setting
Min:14 Avg: 33.1 Max: 37
As you can see from the benchmark graphs, the AMD setting give a more stable fps compared to the game;s own settings. For actual gameplay however I have been using a mixture of both with the AMD settings as the base. I usually disable the SSAO, lowering the Building Details to Quality while increasing the Unit Details again to Quality or max Quality. I can still gets an average 30 fps that way.

Reviews, benchmarks and modification were done with Intel CORE i3-2100 @ 3.1 ghz, Foxconn H-67M, 2x2GB CORSAIR PC1333, Sapphire R7 260X 2GB GDDR5, FSP SAGA II 500w, 1x Samsung F3 HD103SJ 1TB, 1x Western Digital 500GB, Windows 10 Home Insider Preview Build 10130 and projected with Acer S220HQL 21.5" 1920x1080 monitor.

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