Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Imperator III - Dev Diary Pt II

The Roman Auxilia

Been pretty much busy these few month to write but work has been going whenever I have free time (usually on the weekend nights). An Open Beta has been released on Steam Workshop few weeks ago, which currently enabled all factions to be playable so that testings can be done much easier.

Currently the public mod is on beta 0.74 version with few added (and still ongoing) auxilia units added, mainly using the vanilla auxilia as a base.

Historically, as far as I'm aware the auxilia units was not made into permanent regiment until the principate era so the auxilia system as portrayed in the vanilla game was not correct. They were more like mercenaries which were raised during campaigns and disbanded afterwards. The difference is that the auxilia (or Italian socii) were raised from treaties, rather that true mercenary concept.

In this mod, though still in WIP, each auxilia will be divided base on their original province and they will be rename base on their tribes or provincial names.

The first stage for is basically the vanilla auxilia as before the principate era, the auxilias were mostly under their own tribal command and are using their own native equipment. They can recruited from level 2 auxilia barrack level and restricted between 2 to 4 units.

Further into the campaign, to represent the principate/imperial age, the auxilia are more standardize with many of them using roman equipment and be lead by roman officers. You can see the name changes from Auxilia Illyricorum for example to Cohors Illyricorum or Equitum Alpinorum to Ala Alpinorum. 

The auxilia units that you have recruited before this 'tech' is researched (I use tech rather than complicated scripting) will have some special name attached to them.

For example, Auxilia Batavorum will become Cohors Batavorum c.R. (or Civium Romanum) or Equites Thracum becoming Ala Thracum Veterana. The auxilia with these epitaph can't be recruited post 'reform' though they can still be retrained. However, if you have lost these units during battles then they are lost forever.

At this moment, these new units can easily be tested from the custom battles set up for all 4 main Roman factions. In the future when the mod is out of beta, each roman factions will have their specific auxilia units so a player playing as Cassius will have variations from people playing Brutus, Antonius or Caesar.

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